Adobe Tutorials

From WHE:

Adobe Use in Seismic Areas
“Earthquake-Resistant Construction of Adobe Buildings: A Tutorial”
This tutorial was revised in 2011 [in English]
(Marcial Blondet, Gladys Villa Garcia M., Svetlana Brzev)
Download TutorialENGLISH [1.5MB, 2011] | SPANISH [0.7MB, 2003]

-Earthquake performance of structures
-Improving performance in new constructions
-Seismic retrofitting
-Seismic protection of historic buildings


Endorsed by WHE:

Tire Straps for Earthen Houses

“Seismic Strengthening of Earthen Houses using Straps Cut from used car tires: A Construction Guide”
(Andrew Charleson)
Download TutorialENGLISH[4.98MB, 2011] |

-Step by step tire strap reinforcement installation for earthen houses


Video (MP4) of an adobe house without reinforcement during a severe earthquake.

Video (MP4) of an adobe house reinforced with tire straps during a severe earthquake.


Adobe with Geomesh Reinforcement (Climate sensitive)
“Building hygienic and earthquake-resistant Adobe houses using Geomesh Reinforcement” 
(Julio Vargas-Neumann, Daniel Torrealva, Marcial Blondet) 2007
Download Arid Tutorial: ENGLISH [4MB]
Download Mountainous Tutorial: SPANISH [4MB]

-Step by step adobe with geomesh house construction



For Trainers: Adobe with Geomesh Reinforcement
“Manual de Construccion con Adobe Reforzado con Geomallas”
(Marcial Blondet) 2010
Download Trainers Tutorial: SPANISH [22MB]

-Step by step adobe with geomesh house construction