The World Housing Encyclopedia (WHE) Tutorials introduce basic concepts associated with the performance of different buildings types during earthquakes. Each Tutorial addresses a single construction type, and is a collection of field and research experiences from across the world on planning, design and construction of each construction method.

These tutorials, in addition to outlining key factors affecting seismic performance, offer recommendations for improved earthquake-resistant construction practices for new buildings and for strengthening existing buildings at risk. The Tutorials contain links to the relevant publications, web sites and video clips.

Collapse or damage to buildings often contributes to unacceptably high death tolls and economic losses in a large part of the world affected by earthquakes. Countries in which buildings are built to be earthquake-resistant, have successfully reduced losses of life and property. Hence, a better understanding among owners, designers, construction managers and government officials of how various buildings perform will help influence seismic design and construction, saving lives and reducing losses in future earthquakes.

WHE encourages organizations and government agencies to use these materials in earthquake risk reduction projects.

For Seismic Vulnerability Ratings, please seeĀ here.