Svetlana Brzev

Ph.D, P.Eng. Instructor, Civil Engineering
School of Construction and the Environment
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: + 604  45    6853 Fax: +  604 432 8973

Svetlana Brzev teaches structural engineering courses at the BCIT’s Department of Civil Engineering.  She  joined  the  BCIT  in  January  2000  after  fifteen  years  of  combined research  and   consulting   experience  related  to  structural  and   seismic  design  and rehabilitation  of  concrete  and  masonry  buildings,  municipal  and  industrial  facilities. Svetlana  was  actively  engaged  in  the  post-earthquake  rehabilitation  project  following the  1993  Latur  earthquake  in  Maharashtra,  India,  by  providing  technical  assistance  to the  affected  communities  in  rebuilding  and  retrofitting  rural  dwellings  affected  by  the earthquake.  Her  research  interests  include  development  and  design  applications  of advanced  seismic  mitigation  technologies,  including  passive  seismic  control  devices (base  isolation  and  dampers),  as  well   as  the  seismic  studies  of  masonry  and  concrete structures.  She   has   co-authored several publications, books   and   other technical resources used in the efforts to mitigate seismic risk worldwide.

Svetlana is an active member of several professional organizations.  She  served  as  a Director and  Vice-President of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute from 2001 to  2003,  as  well  as  the  founding  Editor-in-Chief  of  the  World  Housing  Encyclopedia (WHE) since  its inception in 2000  until the  end  of 2005. She considers her work for the WHE  as  the  most  enjoyable  and  the  most  rewarding  volunteering  experience  of  her career.

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