Presentations from Sept 09 Workshop

A small workshop was held in Oakland, CA on September 23rd, 2009, to review progress made during summer 2009 on finding analytical variables for some of the important construction types.  These presentations are available in pdf format below:

David Wald Overview of PAGER (very large file–25 MB) This will take you to link where you can download file
Keith Porter WHE-PAGER Analytical Phase
Kishor Jaiswal and David Wald Summary of WHE-PAGER Survey (Phase I, II & III)
A.J. Kappos and G. Panagopoulos Seismic vulnerability assessment of R/C buildings with brick masonry infills
Dina D’Ayala, Committee Chair WHE-PAGER Project
Anna Lang Characterization of Confined Masonry Structures for Integration with HAZUS
Yogendra Singh, JSR Prasad, Dominik H. Lang, and Rajesh Deoliya Development of Seismic Capacity Curves for Claybrick Masonry Buildings in India
Hemant Kaushik Data for Reinforced Concrete Building Type in India
Hyeuk Ryu and Nicolas Luco Improved HAZUS vulnerabilities for PAGER
Stefano Pampanin