Analytical Data Part II & III (2010)

During this phase of the project, experts from different countries have provided information on various engineering parameters for a variety of construction types. They are using an Excel template which is available here:

PAGER-WHE input template.xls

Reinforced Concrete (Greece/Mediterranean)Andreas Kappos and Georgios PanagopoulosRC4_combined
RC4 Analytical Phase III
RC Analytical Phase III
Rectangular Cut Stone Masonry Block (Italy)Dina D’Ayala et alDS2 L’Aquila
DS2 Nocera
DS2 Serravalle
DS4 L’Aquila
DS4 Nocera
DS4 Serravalle
Rectangular Cut Stone Masonry (Turkey)Dina D’Ayala et alDS2 FenerBalat
DS4 FenerBalat
Rubble Stone Masonry (Italy)Dina D’Ayala et alRS3 L’Aquila
RS3 Nocera
RS3 Serravalle
RS4 Nocera
RS4 Serravalle
Unreinforced Fired Brick Masonry (Italy)Dina D’Ayala et alUFB3 L’Aquila
UFB3 Nocera
UFB3 Serravalle
UFB5 L’Aquila
UFB5 Nocera
UFB5 Serravalle
Unreinforced Fired Brick Masonry (Turkey)Dina D’Ayala et alUFB3 FenerBalat
UFB5 FenerBalat
Unreinforced Fired Brick Masonry (Iraq)Dina D’Ayala et alUFB1 Erbil
UFB5 Erbil
Massive Stone Masonry (Italy)Dina D’Ayala et alMS Nocera
Dina Analytical Phase III
Unreinforced Fired Brick Masonry (North Pakistan)Naveed Ahmad; Helen Crowley; Rui Pinho; Qaisar AliUFB5 North Pakistan
Reinforced Concrete (India)Hemant KaushikC3 Northern India
C4 Northern India
C3M Northeastern India
C3M (Open 1st story)
C3 (Open 1st story)
HBK Analytical Phase III
Reinforced/Confined Masonry (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru)Anna Lang, reporting on results from various testsRM3_Aguilar (M)
RM3_Alcocer (M)
RM3_AlcocerMeli (M)
RM3_Kato (Ch)
RM3_Zavala (P)
Summary of CM Findings_RM3