Analytical Data Part 1 (after SF Workshop)

A small workshop was held in May 2008 to evaluate some of the reports that came in during the first phase, and to discuss if there might be a more effective way to determine vulnerability of various global construction types. At the workshop it was decided that the experts in attendance would provide some basic engineering parameters for the construction types for which they are familiar. These reports then became the basis for the Analytical Phase–it became apparent in that many engineering parameters are not readily available for all construction types. The “raw” data that came in after this workshop are identified in the table below. Some of the experts were able to use the Excel file developed by Keith Porter (and further revised in 2009); others provided data in a more “raw” form:

Reinforced Concrete (Greece/Mediterranean)Andreas Kappos and Georgios Panagopoulos1. Inelastic_static_analysis_RC.pdf
2. RC1_Greece.pdf
3. RC3_Greece.pdf
4. Seismic_vulnerability_risk_assessmt_so_Europe.pdf
5. Summary_of_Procedure.pdf
Reinforced Concrete (Turkey)Polat Gulkan & Ahmed YakutRC_Turkey.pdf
Unreinforced Masonry (India)Durgesh RaiMasonry_Bldg_India.pdf
Masonry (Mexico)Roberto MeliMexico_Masonry.pdf
Masonry (Slovenia/Mediterranean)Miha Tomazevic and Marjana LutmanMasonry_005.xls (7mb)
Masonry_010.xls (7mb)
Masonry_025.xls (7mb)
Masonry_050.xls (7mb)
Masonry_075.xls (7mb)
Masonry_100.xls (7mb)
Confined Masonry (Peru)A Muñoz et alCapacity curves masonry Peru.pdf