Marjorie Greene

Special Projects Manager
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
499  14th St., Suite 320 Oakland, CA 94612
Phone:  510   451-0905
Fax:  510   451-5411

Marjorie  Greene  is  an  urban  planner  with  a  thirty-year  career  working  with  hazards, primarily  earthquakes.  She  worked  as  a  research  scientist  at  Battelle  Human  Affairs Research  Centers  in  Seattle,  working  on  various  NSF-funded  social  science   research projects  related  to  natural  hazards.  After  two  years  living  in  Skopje,  Macedonia,  she returned  to  the  U.S.  to  begin  work  at  the  Bay  Area  Regional  Earthquake  Preparedness Project, a California state project to provide technical assistance and planning support to local   governments  in  the  Bay  Area  as  they  developed  earthquake   mitigation  and preparedness programs.

Since  1994  she has  worked at the nonprofit Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, where  she  has  managed  the  NSF-funded  learning  from  Earthquakes  program,  and  is currently  the  Special   Projects  Manager.  She  has  been   the  managing  editor  of  the  WHE project since  its inception. While  at EERI, she has also consulted for the World Bank  and the  Government  of  Maharashtra,  India,  on  their  earthquake  rebuilding  programs.  She was  a  member  of  a  National  Academy  of  Sciences   team  that  traveled  to  Pakistan  to advise on the rebuilding after their devastating 2005 earthquake.

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