Marjana Lutman

Marjana Lutman ZAG Slovenia 
Head, Department for Structures
(Member of Section for Earthquake Engineering)
Slovenian National Building and Civil  Engineering Institute
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: + 386  1 280  4410
Fax: + 386  1 280  4484
Marjana Lutman: Curriculum Vitae


B.Sc. in civil  engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1985;
M.Sc. in earthquake engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1989;

Marjan’sa main research topics include: Seismic behavior of plain- and reinforced-masonry walls and buildings, reinforced-concrete shear-walls,  repair and strengthening of masonry structures and historic monuments and earthquake resistance and vulnerability studies. Lutman has professional experience investigating and testing existing buildings, structural analysis to vertical and seismic loads, and preparing guidelines for structural repair and strengthening. Lutman focuses on the  assessment of seismic resistance and seismic vulnerability of existing buildings – public, residential and industrial. She has written expert’s reports on damage of existing buildings (causes and guidelines). On  the  basis  of   experience  and experimental research work in the Institute, Marjana has prepared some  analytical models for the push-over  analysis  that   are  used   to  obtain  earthquake   resistance   and   some    simplified parametrical methods to estimate seismic  resistance of different groups of buildings. After recent earthquakes that hit regions in Slovenia, Marjana carried out some  in-situ tests in order to obtain of  mechanical capacities  of  typical stone  masonry, that were put into the guidelines for post- earthquake redesign of damaged buildings.

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