Add photos and videos to our collection of building types

There are two ways you can provide visual documentation for a specific building type you are familiar with: Creating a video of a specific building typology or providing photos of building components to contribute to the Building Taxonomy Glossary.

Create a video of a building typology:

  1. Download: Building Taxonomy Video Toolkit.
  2. Open and read the  “Building Taxonomy Video Outline.docx”.
  3. Film  and edit your building following the guidelines provided in the toolkit.
  4. (Optional) Fill out a 1-page  report to accompany your video (download the TaxT tool here)
  5. Submit your report

Provide photos of unique building components

  1. Download: Building Taxonomy Photo Contribution Guidelines
  2. Photograph building components
  3. Name and add a caption to each photo following the guidelines provided
  4. Submit your photos


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If you have any questions please contact Hannah at

Thank you for your participation!