Craig D. Comartin

President, CDComartin INC.
7683 Andrea Avenue, Stockton, California 95207
Phone: (209) 472-1221
Fax: (209) 472-7294

Craig  Comartin  has  been  a  structural  engineer  for  over  thirty  years.  After  graduating from  Santa  Clara  University  and  the  University  of  California,  Berkeley,  he  learned structural  design  at  Rutherford   &  Chekene  in  San  Francisco,  working  on  schools, hospitals and  other buildings. Later he joined his good friend Boris Bresler as the second employee of the west coast office of Wiss Janney  Elstner. There he gathered skills in the investigation of existing buildings, bridges, and other structures. In the early 1980s, he joined   Coffman Engineers in   Seattle   and   Anchorage and   helped expand a small structural office into a large multidisciplinary firm.

In 1990, Comartin returned to California and his interests in earthquake engineering. He advised  the  Stanford  University  administration  on  the  repair  and  retrofit  of  buildings damaged  in  the  Loma  Prieta  earthquake.  There  he  implemented  performance-based engineering  (PBE)  procedures  that  he  was  helping  to  develop  on  projects  with  the Applied Technology Council  (ATC). He continues to play a similar role at UC Berkeley. He combines economic and financial analysis techniques with PBE to assist clients in making informed decisions on risk management.

Comartin  was  EERI’s  team  leader  for  the  post-earthquake  investigations  of  the  1993 Guam  and  1995  Kobe  earthquakes.  He also investigated the Kocaeli   earthquake in Turkey for ATC in 1999.  He  was  president  of  the  EERI  Board  of  Directors  from  2005  to 2007, and was Secretary Treasurer from  1994  through  1999.  He  was  active  in  the establishment  of  EERI’s   Endowment   Fund   and   participated  in  several  of  its  early projects.   He   continues   to serve on   the Development   and   International   Activities Committees, is an active participant in the WHE project, and is a member of the Editorial Board of Earthquake Spectra.

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